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je pense que ceux-ci poissons sont trop petite .. ils sont bébés


A good day to catch fish! Great shots, Sid! :)


Nice photos. Glad to be back after your killer rooster series ;-)



great photos esp. the jumping fish. that must have taken precise timing.


this set is very impressive, i love the 2 one, and the B&W is very nice too.

ps: thx a lot to come so often to my place

Ashish Sidapara

Superb! Images 2,3 and 4 = top notch!!

Toxic Lens

This series keeps getting better! It's a shame what a monsoon can do... What about the homes on the lake?


Wow ... it looks like a small powerful fish, Sidney.


awesome pics, as always. b&w pics are always stunning.


What a sad story of destruction. Your series is captivating as always. Solid work.


simply excellent work: you're just getting better all the time!!


hi syndey. now I am geographicaly closer to you. I am in australia and want to take photos from here.


Great series of images. Hope things are going well for you, my friend.


great fish captures here!


wow...good looking fish. second photo name of fish is "Ayungin" a piranha looking fish, then the 3rd pic, fish name is "Biya" and then the famoush "Bangus" or milkfish. it reminds me when i was 12 years old, my paretns will take me to Los Banos and stay for the weekend at my uncles house along Laguna de Bay and we will catch the "Ayungin", "Biya" and at times "Kanduli".


One beautifulr of the other


Cool photos. I lke the third one - looks like a shark being picked up by a giant hand! :-)


I dread to think how is the local people's feeling after the damage the typhoon caused.


Wonderful series! Sorry for the damages caused by the typhoon :(


Wow! There is nothing fishy about all of these. Those fishes must be making lot of tongues happy.


love your series Sidney. that second to the last image is simply stunning. love the angles of your shot. nice.

Mike Dougan

A good time then to reduce the number of fish pen's and cages in operation and try and clean up the lake. Intensive fish farming killed the farmed salmon business in Scotland and poluted the sea loch's.


How did you manage such close ups? whatever you did...worth it ... and thanks for sharing.


like the 4th picture, the timing ire really perfect.

did you buy any fish after taking the photograph?

by the way i have changed my question to my latest post (about wealth) thnx.


I really like the little hand held fish.

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